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The Pursuit Of Excellence

Whatever your goal is, there is a path to take you there. The path won’t always be easy, but the journey will always be worth it. This was certainly true for Olympian Sarah Wells, who encountered roadblock after roadblock on her path to athletic success. The podium has always been the destination, however, it was the challenging moments in-between that made Sarah the champion she is today. Sarah’s pursuit to multiple Olympic Games is the perfect example of what it means to relentlessly pursue your goals to not only to achieve success, but also find significance in the obstacles you face. Audience members will leave with the tools to positively reframe their mindset, surround themselves with the right support, and understand that hard work won’t always lead to success, but being resilient will always lead to another opportunity for it.


Overcoming Hurdles

Resilience isn’t just for when times get tough. It is a daily practice we can build into our lives so that when we need it most, we have the tools and the skills to be able to exercise our resilience. Many of us can find it challenging to train something that feels so intangible, but in this keynote Sarah walks through actionable daily steps to build your resilience muscle, along with how we can encourage and support our team members to do the same.


Pressure is a Privilege

We’re all in a race. The pressure, the deadlines, the competition. For Olympian Sarah Wells, it was a literal race at the Olympic Games and on the popular TV show The Amazing Race. In the corporate world, it’s not much different. While every scenario may be unique, we all have pressure to move quickly, push boundaries, beat out the competition, and win! In this session, Sarah shares her 3 steps to getting into momentum, harnessing pressure, and creating action plans that get you to your finish line.
Sarah’s energetic approach, engaging stories, and her capacity to inspire an audience will leave them ready to take action and win the only race that matters – theirs!


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Engaging. Inspiring. Actionable. Sarah will teach your audience how to refuse to let their circumstances define their outcome. Focusing on the tools to create a more resilient organization, Sarah draws on her Olympic experience as well as her time on the popular TV show, the Amazing Race, to ignite the potential of everyone in the room.

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Amplify the impact of a keynote by coupling one of Sarah’s impactful and customized workshops.

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Stay tuned for We’re All In A Race: The Half Second Choices That Will Change Your Life. Coming Soon!

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See the work Sarah is doing with youth in the community. The Believe Initiative is a program that focuses on the importance of being resilient and the power of believing in yourself. Over 100,000+ students have been impacted to date, inspiring them to recognize their Power Skills and use them to solve a problem.

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Sarah is a force on stage. I was riveted, reflective, and inspired to take action.

– Kelsey Ramsden, President, Belvedere Place Development


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